About us

We have been providers of our haulage services to Seaboard Marine for more than 24 years, using a respectable fleet of trucks, gaining a vast experience in international transportation.

We have adequate facilities located at km 30 highway San Salvador - Santa Ana, San Juan Opico.


VAPE/REXIM We are the department of land transportation that satisfies our customer´s expectations.


To be recognized by our customers as a company that offers the best service.

Our values


We are committed to clarity and transparency in all our acts in regards to stakeholders, collaborators, customers and society.


We believe that work done with enthusiasm is the only source of benefit to everyone involved in our operations, seeking always the best way to carry them out.


We are convinced that we can achieve the acknowledgment of the high quality of the services our department offers through respect to others and to all acquired commitments.


We are well aware of the responsibility behind our operation. That´s why we always stick to our norm, systems and procedures in order to safeguard the integrity of the people and resources involved in our operation.


Our quality standards are based in the value of our services to our customers..