Our brand

Our dedication permits us to be the market leaders and provide our clients with a product of the highest level. In its three decades, VAPE has driven the development of Beekeeping in El Salvador by forming part of the supporting agencies in the national apiculture industry. We directly promote the practice of beekeeping in local El Salvadoran communities through workshops and seminars. This initiative has permitted us to make an important contribution by promoting the local economic development of the beekeeping community and their families.

About us

Since 1981 we have dedicated ourselves to the commercialization of the highest quality honey to national and international markets. Our certified industrial plant allows us to comply with every standard of quality control required by our clients from Central America, North America, Europe and the rest of the world.

Quality policy

Maintain the quality and safety of the product we process and commercialize, committed to the continuous improvement in our business practices with the goal to be profitable in order to ensure that our mission and vision is met.


Transparency, honesty and commercially ethical Interest and passion en our work Effectiveness in everything that is undertaken in search of the profitability, like the oxygen of the company. Transparency, Honesty and business ethics. Action and cooperation with our fellow workers

Bee's honey

VAPE commits itself to quality, first class customer service and the safety of the products that we serve. To accomplish this we work under a rigorous system of traceability, best practices of manufacturing and HACCP, which permits us to know where each lot of honey was sourced.

Exports - Balsam



Since our founding in the early 1980’s we have been dedicated to the international commercialization of honey for different markets (Central America, North America, Europe and remaining parts of the world).

We are pioneers in the exportation of honey that adheres to international quality standard. VAPE’s vision has been key in transforming El Salvador into the premiere country of Central America for the production and exportation of the precious “sweet gold” to the rest of the world.

To carry out our objectives, we have a certified honey processing plant that permits us to commercialize to both wholesale and retail customers.

Thanks to the tropical forest and a wide variety of flora in our geographic region, we are able to offer a unique honey with identifying characteristics of taste and aroma that are highly sought after in international markets either to blend with other honeys or as a stand-alone product.


Balsam is an emblematic product in the history of our regional economy as its extraction has been realized in an artisanal manner for centuries.

VAPE’s initial international exports were in the form of balsam being sold to cosmetic and perfume manufacturers from Europe. The application of manuals for best practices and norms established by international organizations and governmental institutions for the process and management of balsam allow us to offer a product that meets world wide standards of quality.

As exporters of this product we intervene in the final process for the exportation to the international market.